Sunday, January 01, 2006

WTF is "Green in the Middle?"

Green in the Middle is a hobby blog which I've created to keep share thoughts and ideas regarding the use of information technology in support of pollution prevention and sustainable development. As a research scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, I have been interested in this intersection for nearly 20 years. Much of my work has focused on how to better utilize information technology to catalyze environmental behavior changes. The name comes from a phrase I coined a few years ago to describe my interest in this area:

"Green in the middle, shrinkwrapped on the outside"

Sadly, funding for research in this area is hard to come by. But, I continue to believe that IT can be much more effectively utilized than it currently is, and hope to use this blog to spark ideas within the P2 community.

I should also note: this site is maintained on my own time, without the support of PNNL or its clients. While it parallels my work at PNNL, the opinions and ideas expressed here are solely my own, not those of the Lab, or of Battelle Memorial Institute.